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Whee! I has a Dilbert Widget!!!!

What I Did on my Winter Vacation or Dear goodness, you mean she isn't dead yet?

Yeah, it's been a while since I was an active poster. And yet, I still catch myself composing LJ entries in my head now and again. Well, my recent activities have been:

  • Working my new(ish) job with a contractor. (I can has base access!)
  • Ordering video cards for [ profile] linaloki. (One of these is going to work.)
  • Gathering tax information. (Curse you, IRS, bane of US citizens humanity!)
  • Studiously ignoring as much of the ongoing election crap as I can. (Living by the philosophy of the first two of the DNE monkeys means I can pretend political commercials don't exist! W00t!)
  • Visiting Mom's extended family. (Total visits in '07... 3? Maybe?)
  • Playing NWN2. (Nope, no flavor text here. Sorry)

And some other stuff. Like fighting with this censored keyboard just to get spaces in my entries, or fighting with my sister for access to the sole internet-capable computer.

Amusing note (I thought, anyway) I actually ran across Monty from ASMS in October (we were at the same conference). I found out today that he probably works in the same building I do. It's not definite, but if it's true, that makes three (non-coworker or client) people I know who work in the same building I do. The other two I know are actually from my church, which is pretty small, so the coincidences just keep adding up.

Well, if anyone has something they'd like to ask me about life, the universe, and whatever, please feel free! It'll prolly inspire me to post more often.

Legal disclaimer: Author reserves the right to not answer questions based on any number of undefined criteria, which may include, but is not not limited to: work, pop culture, small fish, boy bands, and winning lottery tickets. Unless the question is, "Do you want some/most/all of the money from my winning lottery ticket?"
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