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Um... wow. *Looks at timestamp* It's been over a year since I last posted.

I am alive, contrary to what is probably popular opinion. The year's been rather... interesting, too.

My last year in a nutshell...

December 06 - Graduated college. I has me a BSBA. W00t. Or something.
March 07 - Finally get my driver's license. Yes, I am slow about this sort of thing.
March 07 - Also... got a car. Is v. nice. Completely standard '07 Corolla.
April 07 - The last of my Medical insurance expired. Woeness. Oh, and I turned 23.
July 07 - Got me a job. A real one, with retirement and medical and everything. On the base, so it's a good thing I have my own car.
October 07 - Good news: Passed my 90-day probationary period at work. Got to go to an Aerospace & stuff conference, too.
Bad news: Got in a wreck first day of the conference. Since the Corolla's a unibody, it can probably be repaired about as good as new, but I have to hitch a ride until the insurance goes through. Also, it's time for year-end evaluations, and they make you write out your yearly accomplishments. Le sigh.

Well, I haven't been following my friends' journals as I should (and I was somewhat surprised when I noticed almost everyone seems to be friends-locked). I'll try to do better. This week, I catch up!

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